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The worldwide spread of the coronavirus disease has caused panic amongst the people and they have been using every trick in the book to take preventive actions against this virus, and one of the most important one is using a face mask to cover one’s nose and mouth. This virus affects the lungs therefore it’s very important to cover the nose and mouth to prevent the virus from entering into the respiratory system.

There are a few WHO verified masks that a person can use during this time, like the N95 Respirator, it is one of the more tight-fitting face masks with a circular or oval shape designed to tightly seal the face and can filter out splashes, sprays, and large droplets along with 95% of very small particles, including viruses and bacteria and Surgical Masks, these are loose-fitting masks with a metal strip at the top that can be fitted according to the nose and cover nose, mouth, and chin. These masks protect from sprays, splashes, and particle droplets but these masks can’t protect against infection with SARS-CoV-2.

It is true that soon people will have a separate wardrobe for face masks for every occasion as they become a part of their everyday lives. With YouTube tutorials on how to make masks and people having plenty of free time due to the lockdown some have come up with the most innovative and bizarre designs for their face masks, give it a personalized touch. Artists, designers, and everyday people have shown their creativity by turning face masks into art projects and expressions of identity. Here are some face masks:

  • Snorkeling Masks – In Italy, an engineer turned a snorkeling mask into one that can be worn on streets as protection against COVID-19 by 3-D printing respiratory valve fittings on the mask.

  • Pop Culture masks – a lot of people have used their love for the pop culture and created masks based on them, by designing different characters from the movies onto the masks, along with cartoon caricatures and anime.

  • Bedazzled Masks – people have gone one step further from painting their masks to adding jewelry to their masks and creating the most beautiful and dazzling masks fit for parties and marriages.

  • Branded masks – popular fashion brands haven’t been far behind on this trend, especially when celebrities are experimenting with different masks. Louis Vuitton has launched its first ever face masks just for Rs. 76000 only. Though we have Indian brands like Zilingo that are selling affordable and designer masks as well.

  • Natural Masks – people have also used a lot of natural materials to decorate their masks like flowers and petals. A Palestinian mother used cabbage to create face masks for her children.

  • Kiddie Masks – Mothers have been highly concerned for their kids as it would be difficult to ensure that the kid wears the face masks at all times, especially at schools and parks, so people have come up with cute stuffed animal based face masks for children to attract them and also to keep them protected.

  • Water jug masks – aside from cloth masks people have also used water jugs and water bottles as protection against the virus, by cutting the base of the jug and inserting it from over their heads.

  • Printed Masks – people have also started the business of printing their faces onto the masks to look like they are not wearing anything and it’s just their face.

  • Crotchet Masks – crotchet masks have also become popular due to its warm and homely feeling. Artist Mansha Friedrich designed the face mask with exchangeable fabric inlays. She crocheted them with suns or smiles, and she gives them away to people.

The sale of masks, sanitizers, and safety goggles has increased between 100% and 400% over the past few months in India, and people have quickly capitalized on this by producing and selling personal protective items. And due to this pandemic having a long last impact on people the demand for face masks is going to be high, at least for the next couple of years and people are taking advantage of it.

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