Living with the Virus

In the past 2 months’ people have gone through a lot of uncertainties, not knowing what would happen the next day has scared people more than they would care to admit, basic chores of the house have raised the question of hygiene and sanitation like washing utensil or cleaning the house, that will the old methods still protect them or do they need to change things to fight this virus that seems to have taken over the whole world.

The Coronavirus is just like any other virus and it is not even fatal, then why are people so scared of it? the main reason behind the worry is that it is an easily communicable disease and has affected lakhs of people across the globe. Though there is still research going on into the nature of the virus it is widely known that the virus is transmitted through direct contact with respiratory droplets of an infected person and touching surfaces contaminated with the virus, therefore, protection against the virus is vital especially when the government has decided to slowly and steadily raise the lockdown and let people out of their houses.

People are scared and clueless about the steps that they need to take once this lockdown is lifted and life resumes to its original self with the virus still present, therefore we have some WHO and UNICEF approved tips that would protect you from the virus.

Wash Hands

The first and foremost step is to regularly wash hands with an alcohol-based hand wash or sanitizer for at least 20 seconds, this will kill off any virus present on your hand. This is a very important measure as the virus can spread through contaminated surfaces also and you can never be sure of the things that you touch being virus-free hence cleaning your hand regularly is the best option and also to avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth because that is the way the virus can enter the body and infect it.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is going to become a new normal once people start going out. Maintain at the very least 3 feet distance between yourself and others is very essential as the virus can be transmitted through cough and sneeze and proximity would increase chances of contamination. Also once the lockdown is lifted, for the initial few months avoid going to any crowded places like movies or malls.

Wear Mask

Get ready to install a whole cupboard just for masks as that is now going to become a new fashion standard along with protection against the virus. Various brands have launched designer and occasion-based face masks but we are not to forget what their basic use is – that is to protect us from the virus, which is why WHO has given proper instructions on the use of face masks to avoid any kind of infection. But covering the face isn’t enough, people need to follow good respiratory hygiene by covering the mouth while coughing and sneezing with a bent elbow or handkerchief.


The first few symptoms of the virus are headache, dry cough, high temperature, and problem in breathing, and at the first sign of these symptoms, the person should self-quarantine at the least for 14 days and avoid contact with anyone. But if the symptoms continue and intensify seek medical attention by informing the local authorities responsible for the situation so that they will be able to direct you to the right medical facility as they have the latest information on the issue.

Be informed

The biggest reason behind the spread of fear among people of the virus is due to the misinformation they have been consuming that has led to widespread panic, therefore keep up to date with the latest information on the COVID – 19 situation from trusted sources like WHO or local and national health authorities, who will have better knowledge about your region.

Though the steps seem to be easy enough to follow, remembering them and following through would be a difficult task. Wearing masks before leaving the house, continuously washing hands, and maintaining social distancing is going to be hard but once it becomes a part of your life, you will become more comfortable and will no longer fear the virus.

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