Sl No Blog Name Blog Author Blog Link Active *
1 A Medico’s Diary Adorable Pancreas No
2 Breakfree No
3 Et Cetera Aniruddha Agarwal No
4 Anonymous Doc Anon Doc No
5 An(n)als of an Idle Mind Arps No
6 Asystole is the Most Stable Rhyth, Albino Blackbear No
7 Amanda Eleven Dr. Amanda Xi Yes
8 Braised Anatomy Dr. Ari and Dr. Anita No
9 Soneday I’ll be Dr. Dre Dr. Dre No
10 Cases Blog Dr. Ves Dimov Yes
11 Techknowdoc’s Surgical Adventures! Yes
12 Doctor Grumpy in the House Dr. Ibee Grumpy, Neurologist Yes
13 Dr. Mike Sevilla Dr. Mike Sevilla Yes
14 Emergency Medicine Ireland Dr. Andy Neill No
15 EpiMedic Pranab Chatterjee Yes
16 Grunt Doc Grunt Doc Yes
17 Incompetent Os Aniruddha Agarwal No
18 Indian Medic Indian Medic No
19 Injectable Orange Jesse Spurr Yes
20 A Canary’s Diary Dr. Raksha Bhat No
21 Musings of a Life Less Thought About Dr. Jigar Patel No
22 All Sounds to Silence Come Karrva Karela No
23 Learner No
24 Master of Medicine No
25 Confessions of a Medical School Dropout MS DO No
27 Training Grounds Dr. Med Zag No
28 You’ll Never Know Everything Dr. Katie No
29 Orthodoc (Delhi) Orthodoc No
30 Other Things Amanzi Bongi No
31 On Surgery, etc. Dr. Chris Porter No
32 Prescribing Yoga Dr. Christina No
33 Shrink Rap No
34 Table for One The Frugalish Physician Yes
35 A Nice Place Dr. Spriha No
36 The Incidental Economist TIE Bloggers Yes
37 The Underwear Drawer Dr. Michelle Au No
38 White Coat Tails MS 4 No
39 Ask Orthodontist Yes
40 Billy Rubin’s Blog Billy Rubin Yes
41 Clinical Correlation NYU Langone Group Blog Yes
42 Ask Dr. Cath Dr. Cath No
43 Dr. John M Dr. John Mandrola Yes
44 Dysgraphic Musings of a Busy Medical Student Eefen No
45 Franish the Blog Dr. Franziska Yes
46 Over! My! Med! Body! Dr. Graham No
47 Just Kiddin No
48 Less is More Medicine Group Blog Yes
49 Love and the Sky Dr. Elyse Love No
50 Maria Yang Dr. Maria Yang MD Yes
51 Medaholic Medaholic No
52 Medical Island Dr. Lawrence Kindo  
53 DB’s Medical Rants Dr. Robert Centor Yes
54 ModxMed Dr. Mary Ella Yes
55 The Mrs. The Mommy. The MD. Jasmine No
56 Scrub Notes: A Blog for Med Students No
57 The Central Line Group Blog No
58 The Medical Student Press Blog Group Blog No
59 The Radiology Blog No
60 The Sharp End Group Blog No
61 33 Charts Dr. Bryan Vartabedian Yes
62 The 401 MD: Medical School Experiences and More No
63 Ah Yes, Medical School The Fake Doctor No
64 A Little Bit of Lacquer Dr. Laura No
65 Movin’ Meat Shadow Fax No
66 Cheerios for Dinner Dr. Allison Hope Yes
67 Anastomosed Tsiana No
68 Anna in Med School Anna No
69 Action Potential Action Potential No
70 Application Doctor No
71 Arup’s Health Blog Dr. Arup Haldar Yes
72 Stories from the Back Row, Left Side Group Blog No
73 Pressure Cooker Bad Gluteus No
74 Barefoot Whispers No
75 Battered MD No
76 Bean Around the World Dr. Bean No
77 Behind the Drapes Group Blog No
78 Blogborygmi Dr. Nick Genes Yes
79 Technology in Medical Education Dr. Neil Mehta No
80 In the Pipeline Dr. Derek Lowe Yes
81 Boxin in Handcuffs Jacob sr2 No
82 Crashing Resident Dr. Nate Yes
83 The Placebo Effect and Medicine Crystal No
84 Death of a Good Doc No
85 Dharmaraj Karthikesan’s Blog Dr. Dharmaraj Karthikesan No
86 Musings of a Dinosaur Not Dead Dinosaur Yes
87 A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor Dr. Freida McFadden (Dr. Fizzy) Yes
88 Doctors of Tomorrow Dr. Carly No
89 Receiving Dr. Hem No
90 Ye Soochna Janhit Me Jaari…. Dr. Nikhil Aggarwal Yes
91 Bad Medicine Yes
92 Have Stethoscope, Will Travel Dr. Alfred Prunesquallor Yes
93 Drug Wonks CMPI Bloggers Yes
94 Dr. Wes Dr. Wesby Fisher Yes
95 Dr. Will be Dr. Will be No
96 Epomedicine Yes
97 Evidence in Motion Yes
98 Evincere Kochu No
99 Glass Hospital Dr. John Henning Schumann No
100 Go Go Gadget Medicine Laura No
101 Complete Guidelines to Health and Fitness No
102 The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Med School No
103 Half MD No
104 The Hopeful Medic Yes
105 Hospital Administration Made Easy Yes
106 How about a second opinion? Dr. Rina No
107 Borderline Dr. Ian B. Cross No
108 In My Father’s Footsteps Jimbo Yes
109 Life and Health Diaries No
110 Lily Does Med School Dr. Michelle No
111 Life in the Fast Lane Group Blog Yes
112 Medicine and Manhattan Mind Master No
113 Mark MD PhD Dr. Mark No
114 MD on Replay MD on Replay No
115 Medchrome – Online Medical Magazine Yes
116 Med Student with Floatered Eyes Floatered v1 No
117 Medical Craponomics The Doctor No
118 medical MANTRA Dr Jonathan D’Souza Yes
119 Medical Minded Medical Minded No
120 Stories in Family Medicine New Family Doc No
121 Medicare Mom Promise Nomonde Mafuya No
122 Medicine N’ Stuff No
123 Medical School and Back Again Unknown No
124 Med School Fun & Games Dr. Thomas No
125 A Med School Odyssey MD Odyssey No
126 Trapped in Paradise Dr. Vishal No
127 Merck Manuals Student Stories Group Blog Yes
128 Mike Reinold MIKE REINOLD Yes
129 Mindful of Medicine No
130 Mama Doctor Jones Dr. Danielle Jones No
131 Mir/Med/Art Mir No
132 Musings of a Distractible Mind Dr. Rob Lamberts Yes
133 Med School Musings MS 2 Soon No
134 Aura Azarcon Dr. Aura Azarcon Yes
135 My First Patient Dr. Emily Howards No
136 My Small Musings Dr. Heidi Johng No
137 A Nerd’s Eye View Dr. F. Scott Yes
138 Neuropathology Blog Dr. Brian E. Moore Yes
139 Nomadic GP Dr. Penny Yes
140 Off White Coat The Scrivener Yes
141 Orthodoc (Chennai) Orthodoc No
142 Part-Time Med Part-Time Med No
143 Party Like a Med Student Party Like a Med Student No
144 Physiotherapy a Noble Profession  
145 The Crumpled Page Dr. Prakamya Singal No
146 Ramen and Pickles Genomics Doc No
147 RK Dr. Rishi Kumar Yes
148 The Rostov Review Ben and Josh No
149 Sachified Sachi No
150 Headed to the Dock Sailor Kat Dog No
151 Scepticemia Dr. Pranab Chatterjee Yes
152 Science Based Medicine Yes
153 Scrubs and Silhouettes Scrubs and Silhouettes No
154 Sequins + Stethoscope Nhung No
155 The Short Coat Yes
156 Journey of an Aspiring Doctor Sho Tyme No
157 Skeptical Scalper Skeptical Scalpel Yes
158 Social Working Medicine No
159 Basically Useless No
160 Soze Media Jordan Soze (Pseudonym) No
161 Statiascapes No
162 Stethoscope and Hanzi Dr. Lwazi No
163 Sticky Kid Doctor No
164 Stilletos + Stethoscope Dr. Ajibike Lapite Yes
165 StorytellER Doc Yes
166 Syncope Student Student of Syncope No
167 The Blunt Dissection Dr. Chris Partyka No
168 The Bohemian Doctor No
169 Me and My Life Dr. Khoo Yoong Khean No
170 The Growth Curve Becky MacDonell-Yilmaz Yes
171 The Health Scout Dr. Dalya Ferguson No
172 The Med School Diaty No
173 The Waddling Penguin No
174 The Weekly Mnemonic No
175 The Whitest Coat Dr. Maggie Yes
176 Trust Me I am a Doctor (in-Training) AR No
177 Thought Broadcast Dr. Steve Balt No
178 Med School Latecomer Tofu Medic No
179 Totipotent MD No
180 At least we made it this far… Trisha No
181 Medical Musings Dr. Hannah Claire Simon No
182 Trypanophobia Jo No
183 Dose of Reality University of Michigan SOM students Yes
184 Unfailing Spring Dr. Jack Tsal No
185 Upstream Thinking Dr. Prachi Bhatnagar No
186 The Urban Dr. Mom Yes
187 Varun C N Micro Varun C N Yes
188 Waiting for MD Unknown No
189 The Road Less Travelled Dr. Beth Routledge No
190 Wayfaring MD Wayfaring MD Yes
191 Well Read Robyn Robyn Yes
192 Come Let’s Share Dreams No
193 MPH Masterpieces No
194 Athletico Phsical Therapy Yes
195 BWMD Dr. Ben White Yes
196 Doctor Psychobabble Doctor Psychobabble Yes
197 Godyears Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan Yes
198 Sumer’s Radiology Blog Dr. Sumer Sethi Yes
199 Junior Dentist Dr Varun Pandula Yes
200 Kevin MD Group Blog Yes
201 Medical Reference IMTIAZ IBNE ALAM No
202 Obsessive Cooking Disorder Dr. Natalie Uy Yes
203 Dr. Shock MD PhD Dr. Walter van den Broek Yes
204 Tea with MD Dr. Joyce Yes
205 UpDoc Media Yes
206 White Coated Group Blog Yes
207 ZDoggMD Dr. Zubin Damania Yes

* Active since 2020