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Journey of Coronavirus

It’s been six months since China first discovered the virus and reported a number of cases of mysterious pneumonia in Wuhan. A disease that merely started as another type of pneumonia quickly spread in Wuhan and more than 50,000 cases were recorded in Wuhan alone. Till now China has recorded a total of 85,399 cases…
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Can Vitamin C Cure COVID 19?

In a rush to find a cure for coronavirus, doctors and scientists have been running around testing every antiviral, antimalarial, monoclonal antibody, and other medications there are possible to fight against the virus. Many believe that Vitamin C can be one of the cures against this disease and physicians have carefully been studying its effects.…
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How to Manage Anxiety and Isolation During Quarantine

Since the outbreak and a worldwide lockdown, people have been stuck in their homes for a very long time. This isolation, uncertainty of future, and information overload have caused many to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Many don’t even realise that they are experiencing panic and anxiety due to this and, if it’s not handled properly…
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