It’s Time to Listen to Your Body

A regular health check-up in India is a rarity due to many personal reasons. Many believe that they only need to visit the doctor when they are feeling ill or have a chronic disease that requires regular visits. But there are a few that go for a routine check-up to the doctor to maintain a healthy body, these are mainly older people or athletes who need to maintain good health.

The argument here is that people only visit a doctor when their illness cannot be cured by home remedies or over-the-counter medication. But many problems may seem insignificant at the time but if left untreated for a long time can cause many health issues in the future. Many feel exhaustion, anxiety, or shortness of breath and blame it on the exhaustive professional life, but if these problems are not tackled at the time can lead to many health problems in old age.

However, due to recent events, people are more conscious of their body and health because of which regular check-ups are growing. It’s not just individuals but organizations have also become concerned for their employees’ health and therefore set-up annual health check-up camps. Even at the community level, the utility of screening for diseases when someone is healthy is being appreciated more than ever before.

Health is not about getting into zero figure, or a new year’s resolution to look good; it’s about eating properly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. If you want to be healthy without the use of any external sources then the best way is to eat healthily, which includes a balanced diet along with engaging in healthy activities like exercise and yoga.

What is meant by Full Body Check-up

A full body check-up means the diagnosis of the whole body, that includes the assessment of cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, circulatory, immune, and nervous systems. A yearly full body check-up can help detect any abnormalities in the body at an early stage and avoid any health risks.

Why go for a full body check-up?

Their annual body check-up will help doctors to create a comprehensive picture of one’s overall physical health. This way the doctor can detect any early-stage signs of a disease and can take immediate action to avoid its spread. Some diseases are very subtle and don’t show any signs until the next level, and by then handling the disease becomes even more problematic. This is why every person from children to old people are advised to go for annual body check-ups.

What do you need to do?

A full body check-up helps a person listen to the needs of their body. testing urine, lipid, kidney, bone health, diabetes profile, blood count, thyroid, etc. can tell us a lot about our body that we never noticed. A well-informed person can make better decisions and choices about their health. Knowing what is wrong with your body and consulting experts can save you from a lot of pain in the future.

Every age category has some of the other diseases that they are likely to get therefore for young people are recommended to get their blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose level checked and people older than them are prescribed to get type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular tests done.

Do healthy individuals need full-body checks?

Most doctors recommend going for a full body check-up for healthy and unhealthy people alike, but for healthy people, a select few tests shall be sufficient to get the overall picture of one’s health. But if you still feel unsatisfied with the results, then by all means going for a whole body check-up isn’t a problem.

What to expect at health check-ups?

While going for a full-body check-up there are a lot of questions that the doctor might ask, so you need to be prepared with your answers. Note down anything unusual signs of your body and discuss it with the doctor, to give a full and true image. This way the doctor can recommend the most suitable tests and medication.

Along with this, there are a few things expected at a health check-up –

  • The doctors usually ask for your medical records at health check-ups, to know your past health history, and take notes that are important during future tests.
  • They also ask for a family’s health history. This gives them an idea about the diseases that are hereditary in the family
  • They as for any past medical procedures that you may have gone under
  • Some of their questions also revolve around the lifestyle that you live around. This includes your working style, living conditions, and work-life balance.
  • They also ask about the use of any recreational drugs, smoking, active lifestyle, sexual habits, etc.
  • They also gather information about your sleeping and eating patterns, along with bowel movements, hearing, vision, etc.
  • They conduct physical exams, especially for people with symptoms of a disease, but it is not very useful for healthy individuals.

What tests are included in a full body health check-up?

  • General physical exam including weight, height, blood pressure, pulse rate, etc.
  • Blood tests and haemogram that determine infections, anemia, or onset of other diseases
  • Lipid profile helps in assessing cardiovascular risk
  • Liver function tests assess the functioning of the liver or diagnose liver diseases
  • Kidney function tests evaluate the proper functioning of kidneys
  • Blood sugar measures blood glucose levels to identify diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • Chest x-ray studies the chest and the organs located in the area
  • ECG helps in determining the heart rate and uniformity of heartbeat. Ultrasonography studies the structures in the abdomen such as the spleen, gall bladder, liver, pancreas, and kidneys
  • Urine examination is conducted for a general assessment of health in terms of
  • systemic or metabolic diseases.

An annual full body check-up is a must for both healthy and unhealthy persons alike. These tests help detect early signs of any disease that has been lying dormant but silently harming the body. These check-ups would help keep the body healthy for longer and help the concerned person take the best-suited steps for good health.

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