At-Home Lab Tests

A lot of medical lab testing is prescribed to people for better diagnosis of the patient. With, everyday technological improvement in the health industry, a wide range of medical tests can be conducted. These tests help physicians diagnose and monitor the patient’s health better. Nowadays, a lot of people after a certain age, go for medical tests to ensure that they are healthy but these tests take up a lot of time and effort. Especially during this pandemic, it has become harder to go to a hospital and get a test done because of the chance of getting infected.

A solution to this problem is at-home testing kits that can be accessed by anyone, without the need of a doctor or waiting days for the results to come out. There are already some tests that can be taken at home, like pregnancy tests or finger-prick diabetes tests. These tests are easy to use and almost 100% accurate, but it cannot be possible for all diagnostic tests.

There are many tests available that can be taken at home, without spending hours sitting in the waiting room of a lab.

Allergy testing

You can do your allergy tests at home and identifying them at an early stage reduces the chances of being exposed. These tests will help you to create a preventive plan with the assistance of your physicians. Ignorance can lead to potentially severe conditions and determine if the targeted condition can reduce the risk. Period tests would allow you to monitor the progress of treatment at home.

Haptoglobin Genetic Tests

Diabetes is a condition where the body doesn’t properly process the food and produce glucose for energy. In this condition, the body either can’t make its insulin or can’t use the insulin efficiently and this causes sugar to build in the body. There is prediabetes also when the sugar levels are not high enough to be considered diabetes but close enough. Early detection at the prediabetes level can benefit the person a lot by taking measures to maintain sugar level in the body by eating healthy and physical activity.

Cardiovascular Health testing

With increasing stress, heart diseases are also on the rise. Cardiovascular disease relates to a condition in which the blood vessels narrow down that causes chest pains, heart attacks, or strokes. These tests will help you identify the first signs of any heart disease and then you can later consult your doctor for a thorough diagnosis because there is a range of cardiovascular diseases therefore an efficient diagnosis is necessary.

Vitamin D Test

Vitamin D is a very essential vitamin in the human body as it helps maintain bone density, insulin production, and immune function. It also helps in the absorption of calcium consumed and ensures its efficient use. Deficiency of Vitamin D causes the bones to become brittle, thin, or misshapen and cause rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. Many other diseases can arise due to lack of Vitamin D, therefore, early detection can prevent the person from a lot of pain, and can plan a diet rich in vitamin D to tackle the problem.


The biggest and most evident advantage is that it saves time for both people and doctors. People can take tests in the comfort of their home with almost 100% accuracy and this removes a burden off the shoulders of the healthcare system.

In at-home tests you also have the option of booking the appointment according to your convenience and don’t have to drive anywhere, they will come home and take tests. This is especially beneficial for old-age people who find it difficult to travel to a hospital.

Another biggest plus point is that the person is confident about the hygiene standards maintained as its happening in their own house. Especially at this time when going to a hospital is also risky, at-home tests are the best solution.

The results are almost immediate; you don’t have to wait for days for the test results. This efficiency sometimes can be crucial in cases of severe problems and can help seek treatment sooner than later.

With this current situation of the pandemic, at-home tests have been on the rise and the engineers are already working on a robot nurse to promote contactless technology in the healthcare system.


These at-home lab tests are replacing nurses and some doctors, which is why they have been against the use of these tests by claiming that they are wrong because they are tested wrong. Some of these tests don’t need FDA approval as well that further lowers its credibility.

Further, in some cases, the tests require age, family history, and health history of the patient for the evaluation of the person’s health.

These at-home lab tests have made life easier for a lot of people, especially for people with chronic diseases who need to constantly do one or the other tests and are frustrated because they have to go to the hospital every few days. And even if some doctors are opposing it, it’s mainly because these tests are reducing their need in the society which is why they are against it.

If you need a mobile application through which you can book an appointment for your at-home lab test, the best option is Halo Health services. The services include a wide range of lab tests that can be conducted at home. The lab technicians would collect the blood, urine, or tissue sample from your home and then test it in the lab and email the reports. And you can do all this just by sitting at your home.

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